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Back CoverThe Covenant is the result of an  investigation that began fifteen years ago and that has led me to a remarkable journey. It explores how taking an earthly perspective on the Abrahamic Covenant can dramatically affect our understanding of the biblical history, and how such a viewpoint might hold the key to unlocking our collective future.

By adopting the perspective of a secular covenant with a powerful Lord instead of a religious experience with the divine, this book makes a solid case for a euhemeristic origin of this foundational episode of monotheism. It argues that by adopting such a viewpoint, it becomes not only possible to challenge existing conclusions, but also to offer a whole new understanding of the history of Israel that helps us better understand its evolution.

This journey has brought me to realize that dogmas, not religions, are poisoning the world and that our ego is the only true evil. Religions are just by-products of this universal message that has been expressed by shamans, sages, prophets and humanists in different ways over the ages.

By demythifying the origin of monotheism, I trust that believers will find the confidence and strength they need to let go of a narrowing form and that non-believers will gain appreciation for the underlying message. This step is essential to co-create a world of fraternal love, where theists and atheists can acknowledge all facets of their humanity, and can move together to embrace a more open, secular and inclusive form of spirituality.

Welcome to the earthly covenant!