20 minutes that will change your mind on Abraham

There is statistically a good chance you think of Abraham as a mythical figure. There is also a good chance you believe his story was passed down orally and that his chronology (as well as the rest of the Bible) is all out of whack!

If this description fits you, congratulations, you are a critical thinker! However, you probably also wonder how I could possibly change your mind in 20 minutes…

Of course, there is always the more tenuous possibility that you believe Abraham did walk this earth and made a Covenant with God. In this case, your faith must be pretty strong because the evidence is against you!

Whatever your beliefs are, I trust that, after watching this short video, you will never think of Abraham in the same way.

I start by briefly explaining how I got pulled into this inquiry. I then review the main presuppositions that have brought scholars to conclude Abraham must be a mythical figure before showing how, by adopting the perspective of a secular covenant, the very same facts can be used to support the idea he could have been a historical figure instead. I also briefly explain how the story can be precisely dated to the Bronze Age and why I believe it must have been passed down as written text.

Those interested in getting down to the nitty-gritty details or in challenging the perspective of a secular covenant are invited to get a copy of the book on Amazon.

Please do the world a favor and re-share this with others! This perspective deserves to be seriously investigated if we are to ever achieve inter-religious peace.

20 minutes that will change your mind on Abraham
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2 thoughts on “20 minutes that will change your mind on Abraham

  • November 16, 2017 at 4:31 pm

    Bernard, I do not understand your point. Or you are an hassidic jew, a very religious person (catholic, muslim) and you do not even think that the existence of Abraham might be a problem or you have been form by good scholars of well know universities (not religious university for simple mind) and you know that the book the bible is the story of an North Africa tribe of people travelling all around. There are not more scientifics ideas in the bible than in Homer Odyssey, or any books written by Antiquity thinker. It is a fable, an imaginative story, legend, mythology, saga, etc. and many peoples like them as they are for what they really are. Or you are a religious university teacher who makes a good living by talking about all those legends to youngster.

    Or you believed that Abraham have existed like it is written in the bible or you saw like Superman, Santa Claus, etc. I cannot understand that we can argue about that.

    • November 16, 2017 at 5:59 pm

      Hi Loyola, thank you for taking the time to comment. As Carl Sagan once said: “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”… As a skeptic and a critical thinker, I never thought I would one day find myself in a position to defend the idea that Abraham should be regarded as a historical figure. I can therefore truly appreciate where you are coming from. It took me a while to realize that the very same facts that have brought the scientific community to accept the idea he was a mythical figure, start supporting the idea he was a historical figure the minute you adopt the perspective of a secular covenant. Only then, can one come to realize that the biblical text of Gn 12-25 was never meant to be a religious text, but that it actually relates the circumstances surrounding the making of a secular covenant with a Mesopotamian overlord, and that this overlord would later be deified and become known as Yahweh. The amount of evidence supporting this unexpected interpretation are many and simply cannot be the result of luck. This is why, in the end, anyone who takes the time to review the case in details (instead of relying on current consensus and presuppositions), will inevitably come to the same conclusion.


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