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How can a dead king bring peace?
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Bernard Lamborelle, Author

Welcome, and thank you for stopping by!  I hope you will find it interesting and  that you will feel compelled to engage!

I am always leery of labels, but I would best describe myself  as a secular humanist with an engineering degree from École de Technologie Supérieure.

While I was raised to be skeptical and to always exercise a critical mind, I have never considered myself a hardcore atheist.  I believe spiritual development is a fundamental part of our journey  and I have always enjoyed reading the stories of the Bible. However, the Scriptures never made sense to me.  Something just didn’t jive.

In 2003, a simple question triggered a lengthy and passionate investigation into the origin of the Abrahamic faith. It was quite un accident de parcours

I first published Quiproquo sur Dieu (ed. Editas) in 2009, which received praises from a few, left many dubitative, and raised excellent questions that called for answers.

This led me to sign up for a Master in Theology at Université de Montréal in 2011, where I studied biblical Hebrew, historico-critical methods and narrative analysis. Armed with this new academic background, I widened the scope of my analysis to develop a comprehensive evolutionary model on the origin of monotheism.

This whole research has had a profound impact on my own spiritual journey. It has not only brought me to completely reconsider my own beliefs and the role of religions, but it has also led me to explore and better understand spirituality in a broader sense. Indeed, what’s left when everything else collapses?

After a period of uncertainty, I am now more than ever convinced that the sky is brighter and the future full of hope. This is why I would like the expression “Friends of the Earthly Covenants” to evolve into a broad and inclusive secular alliance regrouping all men and women that are seeking a gratifying spiritual journey that is intellectually satisfying and exempt of any beliefs or dogma.

NB – I am first and foremost a business entrepreneur in the field of high-performance video storage for film and post-production and this research project is just a part time endeavor. My priorities naturally go to my family and business. And although I have completed my academic cursus in Biblical Studies and submitted my thesis, my retiring director wasn’t ready to see his entire belief system get challenged on his way out… As I wasn’t prepared to prostitute my intellect for a diploma, I refocused my energies on this book instead.

Constructive criticisms are always sought after and welcome. It is possible that I do not respond to each and every contact, or that I delay a response. I nevertheless promise to read all feedback and I will do my best to respond to every single one of you! This said, if you feel offended by any of my writings, please crack open a cold beer (or a soda if offended by beer), chill off, and come back to visit another day.

Again, thank you for visiting. I am really looking forward to engaging with you.

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