Bernard Courteau

You have not heard from me since I’ve started reading, and for good reason: I was transported. Your book is like an Aladdin’s carpet! Profound scholarship, implacable logic, impeccable methodology, accessible writing and exemplary presentation and teaching, in short, a work of reference. I know of only one other book which rises to the height of your work and it is entitled “The Elementary Forms of Religious Life” published by Emile Durkheim in 1912. These are points of absolute reference… I did not want my comments to be “hits censers” but I simply want to bring the strict perception I have of your book in light of my experience, my education and my thoughts. Thus, for me, the comparison with Durkheim is needed not only on the rigorousness of your respective approaches but also under the silence that church authorities wrapped the first one, and will wrap the second… – Bernard Courteau, author, Quebec