Henri Bourjade

This book offers a tour of ancient sources of Genesis, and adds a method of rational calculation for transforming the erroneous dates contained in the Bible for ages and periods of time in Genesis. This allows, beyond the thesis of the author (on the dating and transforming of the “Lord” into God), to better understand the ancient origin of this legendary religious text. The integration of Abraham, Jacob and Joseph into history is very interesting. The replacement of Isaac and Ishmael too. The calculations of the dates, difficult to follow, and their results are detailed and put in context. The transformation of the ages, according to their origin (Babylonian base 60 system, ages counted as moon cycles, etc) is very logical, their correction can be discussed, but the result suggested by the author is very interesting and removes irrationalities related to age and duration in Genesis. One should know that apart from the identification of Hammurabi as the “Lord” and the detailed calculation of the dates, all the theses presented in this book come from many researches from historian’s world on the content of Genesis and other very ancient sources. – Henri Bourjade, France on amazon.com