Jean-Antoine Lunc

As it does not happen often, I literally devoured it. This was also the case of my wife. The scientific approach, the “reverse engineering”, logic and common sense you have shown in your work are extremely rare and, besides some small things it would be interesting to discuss, your book convinces. Very clever (I recognize the engineer), and packed with a good sense of elevation (that few still have) it offers very probable answers to a simple question, but that one had to think of. Everything is there… I hope you can enjoy a wide distribution, at the risk of unleashing some lightning – but it is better that than indifference- though your findings will not please some dignitaries’ of the faith. I also liked the extreme caution with which you go to your findings and it seems very wise. We’ll see what the future reserve to your nice and great book… Anyway, it’s wholeheartedly that I would like to congratulate you and encourage you to follow on this route… Finally, I myself am a doctor of biology and my wife is a doctor in anthropology, and it is also as scientists that we really appreciated your work. – Jean-Antoine Lunc – Belgium