Julie Mercier

I liked your theory about Abraham and his “lord”. The theory is well built and brings new light on the Bible. … To defend such a perspective, especially coming from someone who comes from a completely different background, arouses much admiration. You have met the challenge brilliantly. It was time for the Bible to be read with a different look. For my part, I compare the Bible to Homer’s Odyssey. It’s an assemblage of legendary stories that helped shape the world. In Homer’s Odyssey, one finds the beauty and cruelty of Greek myths that have shaped the values of Greek civilization. I believe that all myths contain some truth. Just like Troy, ancient Trojan town that has seen many wars and was magnified by Homer. But that would most likely have now known the war as told by Homer. For a banal story passes through time, it takes a little magic, something special for people to bear interest, hence the hidden side of Abraham’s “lord”. – Julie Mercier – Quebec