Richard Lefrançois

… As a sociologist and methodologist in social research, I read during my career a number of research reports, scientific papers, theses and other writings, which allowed me to sharpen my critical senses to separate “the wheat from the chaff.” Without a shadow of a doubt, I would place this book in the category of excellent historical essays… All in all, it is admirable that an engineer, uninitiated “academically” on the historical methods, but passionate for history, skilled in research and good at manipulating the pen, had the courage to undertake and carry to term such a colossal project to re-examine the story of the Patriarchs. In addition, to find that the result is convincing, is impressive! This is definitely a book to read and reread to fully absorb all its richness. – Richard Lefrançois, Ph.D., associate professor at University of Sherbrooke