Halfway into the year…

Back in 2009, our cat Pink assisted me in mailing many copies of Quiproquo to the press. Only one journalist reached back… requesting that I no longer sent books!

Nine years ago today ?, on May 6th 2009, I was officially launching “Quiproquo sur Dieu, a first attempt (in French) at arguing that Abraham’s Lord was a mortal. I naively thought that this book would have sparked an interesting debate. It did get lots of good feedback, but it never managed to break off the noise barrier. At the time, a history professor predicted it would be ten years before my work get the recognition it deserved… Well, we’re getting there!

The offspring has clearly matured. When I released “The Covenant” at the end of last year, I was really proud to come out with what felt like a vastly improved version of my research. This new book offers significantly more evidence. Now that we’re almost halfway into 2018, I am pleased to report that steady progress is being made on gaining some respect and visibility.
I started using Twitter more actively this year. The dynamics of the conversations I am having are quite interesting. At this early stage, most influential folks – whether theists or atheists – seldom engage seriously and prefer to poke fun at my claims. That’s fair enough. I don’t expect them to take me too seriously until I have built up sufficient respect and credibility.

Thankfully, there is a handful who find the premise attractive and feel there might be something worth looking into. Most of them just follow me passively, but some are starting to put the book on their reading stack. I have already seen some amazing supporters among them.
First on the list was Aidan Coughlan (@AidanXCoughlan) from The Aidan Project. As soon as we were done recording our first podcast Aidan said he would do all he can to help spread the word. Within just a few weeks, he reached out to me again, suggesting we did a second podcast.
Robert Stanley (@righttoreason1) from The Right to Reason has also been very supportive. We’ve already recorded a podcast that should air next Sunday, May 13th. Kyle Curtis (@kylercurtis) has enthusiastically scheduled me on The Non Sequitur Show on May 16th. I am also having ongoing conversations with the hosts of the Come To The Table and The Belief Books podcasts…
Steven Tiger (@SteveTiger999) posted an amazing review on Amazon earlier this week and gave the book 5 stars, even comparing it to the likes of Hitchens, Dawkins and Harris – who I truly admire!  Steve Tiger is the author of “Doctrine Impossible”, a book I highly recommend to atheists and theists alike. Those who follow him know he is extremely well thought out and articulated. I am therefore truly honored and humbled by his comments.

Thanks for the flowers, but where’s the pot?

Twitter post
A very humbling post!
It ain’t easy for a “nobody” like me to be taken seriously when trying to challenge 30 years of academic status quo.
This said, I have yet to receive a single negative comment on my work. It seems every new reader turns into an enthusiastic supporter (not everyone is vocal, some are just sending private notes with suggestions on who to contact, etc.)
I am certainly not suggesting anyone should endorse my ideas before they get properly criticized. All I am asking is that they are given serious considerations and that more people join their voices to those requesting this book gets put under scrutiny (just ❤ my Facebook or Twitter page). I trust that when there is enough social media pressure, scholars will have no choice but to look into it!