How to prevent Muslims from killing Muslims?

But why would a Muslim kill another Muslim? Muslims that got massacred were moderate Muslims practicing Sufism, a form of Islam that does not interpret the Quran in a literal way. And this is precisely the problem: they adhere to an inner and esoteric dimension of Islam. In the eyes of the Muslim fundamentalists (i.e. Islamists), Sufis are true heretics. They are infidels that must be eradicated because they corrupt God’s message… Unfortunately, religious fundamentalists (whether Jews, Christians or Muslims) don’t care about philosophical, moral and ethical considerations because they are bound to a literal interpretation of their scriptures: whatever the text says, God means it. It was a little more than three years ago, at the pulpit of Mosul’s Great Mosque, that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the self-proclaimed Islamic state asserted his position as caliph, or spiritual leader, of the Muslim faithful, by calling himself “Khalifa Ibrahim,” or caliph Abraham, a reference to the prophet Abraham. This is precisely why the demythification of religious scriptures is so important. This is also the reason I have been working on it for so long. Ultimately, I am hoping that my work can contribute, ever so slightly, to pacifying the world precisely because it relies on a literal interpretation of the Bible to demonstrate that it was not with a divine entity, but with a Mesopotamian king that Abraham made his covenant, the very Covenant on which the theology of all the other prophets rests. I do believe there is now enough evidence to confront these religious fundamentalists on their own turf by challenging them on the origin of these stories and on the historical context in which they evolved. By doing so, I trust it should be possible to seed a pebble of doubt in the mind of a few… And even if this should only prevent one from taking action and from killing in the name of God, it will have saved a life. And that’s absolutely priceless. Everyone can contribute to pacifying the world by educating themselves on the secular origin of this covenant, and by educating others around them.