LEGIT or NOT? A live peer review of “The Covenant” this coming Monday

A month ago, I was invited on The NonSequitur Show to talk about my book “The Covenant”, a historical essay in which I argue that the biblical character of Abraham lived during the Bronze Age and made a covenant with a mortal overlord. The feedback from hosts Kyle Curtis and Steve McRae, as well as from the live chat was very positive.

However, as everyone wanted to hear from experts, Kyle said he’d try to organize a live peer review in the coming weeks with Dr. Maggie Bryson, egyptologist; Dr. Joshua Bowen, assyriologist (aka Digital Hammurabi); and Dr. Steven DiMattei, biblical scholar and historian. Well, Kyle pulled it off. For the first time, my work will be put under the scrutiny of experts in the field. Of course, there is only so much that can be argued in two hours, but given my claims are often assumed to be unfalsifiable it will be great to see if the book passes the “smell test” or not.

There is always the possibility that I end up looking like a fraud, but I am willing to assume that risk as truth should prevail over my ego. In all cases, it will be a worthwhile exercise and the show will be fun and uniquely informative!

Don’t miss it

Join us this coming Monday June 18th at 8PM EST!  Mark your calendars!!