On the historicity of Jesus: did he l*ve?

In the end, if a man called “Jesus” ever walked the earth, he wasn’t supernatural and he never performed any miracles. These parables were likely a collection of teachings meant for the initiates of this Jewish sect. The question of the historicity of Jesus is therefore totally irrelevant: If he was a made up character, then whoever created him must have shared very similar views, qualities and aspirations. Both would have had a small ego; both would have been Jews; and both would have been active reformers of the old religion. In addition to being influenced by their own heritage and culture, they needed the new message to be embraced by the larger Jewish community. They therefore linked the new concepts to the old ones through these parables. However, the essence of the message itself has been universally shared by all spiritual leaders and humanists throughout history:

Salvation is not to be found in religious texts, dogma or blind faith…
 It is strictly to be found in love and in gratefulness.

Happy Thanksgiving!