“The Covenant” on The Aidan Project

The Covenant is now being featured on The Aidan Project podcast, episode #73.

The idea that Abraham was just a mythical figure is so widely entrenched in our worldview that there is a mountain of objections to overcome in order to bring people to even start considering the possibility that he might have been a historical character instead. I therefore feel privileged that Aidan Coughlan has found the topic relevant and valuable enough to investigate it and then dedicate a full podcast to it.

Aidan is very gracious. He was well prepared, respectful and genuinely interested in my work. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience despite the fact that I found myself occasionally stuttering and looking for words; that I made a few historical mistakes; and that I completely forgot to discuss some very important stuff! I guess this is somewhat expected as this was a first podcast on The Covenant.

Aidan Coughlan

Had we had more time, I would have loved to talk about Baal Berith, the origin of the Tetragrammaton YHWH, the Samaritans, and much more! I nevertheless believe that the net result will be positive and that it will bring some of you to want to read the book and engage in a discussion.
I am therefore really looking forward to your reactions… For instance, did this episode brought you to more seriously consider the idea of a secular covenant and a historical figure? And if so, which arguments did you find the most compelling?

As promised on the podcast, The Covenant is now downloadable for free download for the next 30 days. Get your copy on SmashWords using code “HG64L“. And if you are not already subscribed to The Aidan Project, do so and enjoy one of the finest podcast on the web!