“The Covenant” on The NonSequitur Show

The NonSequitur Show, a daily live podcast featuring a wide range of topics related to atheism and rational thinking: Debunking flat earth theories; Church of Scientology; the Great Pyramids; Noah’s Ark, etc.

This show is admirably hosted by Kyle Curtis and Steve McRae. During his introduction, Kyle mentioned that going into this episode, he thought it would be a cool story, but that there wouldn’t be much to it… Yet, as he started reading the book, he found it fascinating and outstanding.

The show was lots of fun and lively. I definitely enjoyed it. In retrospect, as I listen back to this podcast, I find myself lacking clarity and being all over the place. Curious to see how it was perceived, I took a snapshot of the most current data available from Youtube for all the 30 episodes of May’18. As of June 6th, mine had been viewed approx 4,200 times. This places it right on the average (ranked #15 out of 30). What made me very happy was to see that the appreciation ranked #2 out of 30. I thought that was exceptionally good considering my poor performance.

How did I do?

Here’s how “The Covenant” episode stacks up compared to the other shows of May’18.

Appreciation measured as the ratio of thumbs Up/Down (06/06/18).

The comments left behind by viewers also confirm that people are very interested in learning more about my work and want to see it peer-reviewed by scholars in the field.

What’s next?

Kyle is now trying to organize a special event on June 18th with Dr. Maggie Bryson, egyptologist; Dr. Joshua Bowen, assyriologist (aka Digital Hammurabi); Dr. Steven DiMattei, biblical scholar and historian; as well as yours truly. The goal of this episode would be to see how my work resists to their scrutiny. If this works out, it will no doubt be stressful:  it could really go either way and seal the fate of my work.  But whatever the outcome turns out to be, it would be a highly interesting show… Stay tuned!