“The Covenant” returns on The Aidan Project

I was really delighted and honored to be invited back on The Aidan Project “Live” podcast this past Friday. That’s within just six weeks of our initial conversation. I knew Aidan was serious when he said he wanted to help raise attention on my work, but I could have never anticipated such a wonderful support.

On the one hand, this new recording was a great opportunity to discuss some of the additional arguments made in the book that we didn’t have the chance to cover in the first podcast and discuss why I think the world should pay more attention to this research. On the other hand, it was also an opportunity to briefly touch on how this work has affected my own spiritual journey. You can watch the hour-long video recording of this live event on Facebook. You can also watch a shortened half-hour version on youtube or directly on The Aidan Project.

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The Right to Reason website Keep an eye out as I will be featured next on The Right to Reason podcast. The recording already took place and the show is being edited. Host Robert Stanley told me it should get released by the end of the month. This was another fun recording and I think Robert got more than he expected out of it. This is actually quite typical. As people start looking into this work, they come to realize that there is a lot more substance than they had anticipated.   If you would like me to appear on your favorite podcast, please send that host a note and let him know about my work!